Who we are / WOA Working Committees


  • Coordinating all activities (Educational Awards, Leadership Training, and Outreach Participation) Gift Kgadima and Clinton Montague (mentor)
  • Sponsorships in South Africa Dy Moonsammy and South African Airways
  • Fundraising in the USA Don Schenk
  • Recruiting 2019 Award Winners Gift Kgadima
  • Communication, Design, Marketing and Web sites Laurian Miles
  • LinkedIn Database Gift Kgadima Chairperson and Don Schenk, Andrew Cottis (Comair Limited), and Reshika Singh (Comair Limited) 

Functional Responsibility

  • Leadership Development Courses. Committee Chairperson: TBC
  • Outreach Coordination. Committee Chairperson: Natalie Kyd
  • Events Recorder. Committee Chairperson: Frans Monakisi
  • Success Metrics. Committee Chairperson: Don Schenk
  • Recruiting US Based Speakers. Committee Chairperson: Don Schenk
  • Metrics Tracking. Committee Chairperson: Orifha Mbedzi
  • Six Sigma. Committee Chairperson: Buhle Dlodlo
  • Books. Committee Chairperson: Buhle Dlodlo 
    • Book Share Programme Juanita Labuschagne
    • High School Library Programmme Buhle Dlodlo

Key Partnerships

  • Airports Company South Africa (ACSA). Gift Kgadima
  • Airlines Association of Southern Africa (AASA). Vees Lohan
  • Aero Club of South Africa Training and Development (Aero Club SA T&D). Elijah Rakoma
  • Comair Limited. Dy Moonsammy
  • Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). Glen Snedden
  • Government Relations. Dy Moonsammy and South African Airways
  • South African Airways (SAA). Pulane Baloyi/ Gift Kgadima

Major Events

  • Committee Chairpersons Awards Dinner. Daniel Ralefeta
  • International Civil Aviation Day. TBC
  • AASA Annual General Assembly. Vees Lochan
  • CSIR Annual Conference. TBC
  • CSIR Wind Tunnel Tours. Laura and Gift Kgadima
  • Gliding Days at Brits Flying Club. Daniel Ralefeta
  • Aero Club SA T&D - Annual Awards Dinner. TBC
  • Aero Club SA T&D - Aero Club Airweek. TBC
  • Aero Club SA T&D - Wonderboom Airshow. Gift Kgadima
  • SAA Career Day. TBC