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African Pilot magazine supports Wonders of Aviation

African Pilot magazine is a proud supporter of Wonders of Aviation. African Pilot is a niche market specialist aviation magazine that has been publishing for 17 years. The magazine features South African, African and world aviation events, interesting facts about aviation, historical features and general aviation news. The magazine also provides a platform for the organisers of airshows and specific aviation events to market their event to members of the public.

In the January 2016 edition of African Pilot magazine, Athol Franz (the editor) published a letter of introduction to Wonders of Aviation by Vees Lochan, he also replied to the letter. Below is the letter exchange between the two. 

Hi Athol,

Wonders of Aviation is a not-for-profit organisation which uses the magic of flight to engender a lifelong love of learning. Its goals are to inspire children, to educate them, and to help them find jobs in aviation. 

Wonders of Aviation relies on its partner organisations to provide awards, mentors, and educational material to carry out the organisation’s goals.

Wonders of Aviation supports South African aviation companies and industry associations in their outreach programmes to the formerly disadvantaged youth by: 

  • Providing rewards and recognition.
  • Identifying role models and mentors.
  • Improving knowledge of and access to aeronautical training and scholarships. 
  • Supporting aviation employment. 
  • Promoting co-operation and good relationships within the aviation industry.
  • Establishing a database for future aviators. 
WOA’s 2015 Awards, included: Aero Club of South Africa in conjunction with the Soaring Society; a day of learning how to fly gliders; Airlines Association of Southern Africa; lunch at the Aero Club event; Comair Limited; flying a Boeing simulator and a course in business writing; South African Airways; flying an Airbus simulator; Air Traffic and Navigation Services; a tour of the Johannesburg ATC tower; South African Civil Aviation Authority; a tour of an airport fire station and a flight in a helicopter; National Aerospace Centre; a tour of the University of the Witwatersrand’s supersonic labs; Airbus and Jonker Sailplane; airplane memorabilia.

The inaugural meeting of the Wonders of Aviation was held on the 19th November 2015 at the Protea Hotel at OR Tambo International Airport. Erik Venter, CEO of Comair was the guest speaker at the inaugural meeting stating that Wonders of Aviation is a wonderful initiative aimed at creating awareness of aviation amongst the disadvantaged youth and developing them to become part of the Industry.

For further information, contact Vees Lochan at: +27 11 609 0050/+27 71 896 1398 or e-mail:

Kind regards, 
Vees Lochan, Chief Operating Officer 
Airlines Association of Southern Africa 

Dear Vees,

Thank you for writing to me about this splendid initiative - the Wonders of Aviation. On behalf of African Pilot I would like to offer the support of my publication to spread the word about this programme. It is good to see so many aviation companies becoming actively involved in trying to encourage the youth of our country to look at aviation careers in the future. We will not see significant change in aviation unless these types of programmes are encouraged. 

Daniel Ralefeta is a good friend of mine and I follow and support the work he undertakes at the Aero Club of South Africa. Please keep me informed of the developments in future so that African Pilot can also play its part in aviation development. 

Thank you. 

Left: The following people were elected as office bearers of Wonders of Aviation and will serve for two years from left to right: Mr. V Lochan, Treasurer (AASA); Mr. R. Malan, Secretary (NAC); Mr. D. Schenk, Deputy Chairperson (ACA Associates, USA); Mr. D.M. Ralefeta, Executive Committee Member (Aero Club); Ms. Dy Moonsammy, Chairperson (Comair); and Ms. B. Tlala, Executive Committee Member (SA Express).

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