Book Share Programme

WOA SA Book Share Programme


This programme was started by retired aviators who live on Bainbridge Island, a community half an hour west of Seattle by ferry. They all loved aviation and wanted to provide a connection between themselves and Wonders of Aviation SA. These people have been leaders in some aspect of aviation, and have given us books that were important to each of them. Their objective is to have the book be the linkage between these two aviation communities. These books are an integral part of WOA’s education programme and committment to STEM education initiatives.

Eligible Borrowers

All Wonders of Aviation Award Winners and everyone who volunteers for Wonders of Aviation is eligible to borrow these books. Eligible borrowers should provide their names and contact information to Juanita Labuschagne who has volunteered to be responsible for this programme during 2017.

Book Share’s Role in WOA

These books are an integral part of WOA’s educational programmes. Current year Award Winners and their Mentors will read at least two books and share their thoughts about what they learned. A blog will be created off the Wonders of Aviation South Afria web site, and will provide a list of the books, the donor, and each of the readers. The readers names will be followed by their written highlights. Readers will be encouraged to contact each other. Ideally, pictures of each reader will form part of this aviation community chain.  

Lending Period

Readers will be encouraged to read the books and prepare their “book review” in two months. Juanita will contact reader groups as the two month anniversary approaches. 

Waiting Period 

Eligible Borrowers can put their names on a waiting list by notifying Juanita. The “waiting list” will be on the web page. If there is a waiting list for a book, the current reader will be responsible for getting the book to the next “team.” If there is no waiting list, the reader is responsible for getting the book to our library at Delta BEC.

Contact the Book Share Programme Librarian 

If you would like to order a book online to donate, please contact 
Juanita Labuschagne e:  

Contact the High School Library Programme Librarian 

If you would like to donate a book or borrow a book, please contact 
Buhle Dlodlo e:  

WOA SA Book Share Programme Blog

The WOA Book Share Programme Blog is currently in development and will be launched in January 2018. Each book will have its own blog with a description of its contents, the name of the donor (with a brief biography and why that book was important to the donor). Readers will be able to join in the discussion which we hope will lead to some lively debate, and also encourage a lifelong love of reading.

WOA SA Book Share Programme Donors

Book Share Donors

  • Bill Anderson
  • Dick Brown
  • Roy Clark
  • Tom Gardner
  • Edmund Greenslet
  • Carol Hille
  • Allen Holmes
  • Bart Kent
  • Gary Lagerloef
  • Erik Lindbergh
  • Tom McCloskey
  • Shashank Nigam
  • Frank and Cathy Oslick
  • David Pugmire
  • Donald Schenk
  • General Winston & Gretchen Thackwray
  • Glen Snedden
  • Jim Thrash
  • Bob Towery
  • Andre Vermeulen
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