How we do it

Our role

Wonders of Aviation is a community of aviation professionals who are committed to training tomorrow’s aviation leaders, and to providing ongoing education for Wonders of Aviation Award recipients, mentors, and role models.

South African Aviation Institutions' Role 

The South African government is committed to having South African institutions reflect the composition of that country’s population. This commitment is implemented though policies and laws that support outreach programmes, as well as, the education and training of the previously disadvantaged. 

Wonders of Aviation is committed to helping these South African institutions by supporting the development of future leaders who have been identified by those institutions. When an institution selects an Aviation Award recipient, that institution commits to covering the out-of-pocket costs of that winner’s participation in the training and educational activities provided by Wonders of Aviation, and providing a mentor for that Award winner. These institutions are also the source of employment for the future leaders.

Supporting Institutions' Role 

Supporting institutions have four roles:

  • The first is providing unique aviation experiences, such as flying a commercial aircraft simulator or touring a control tower. These in-kind gifts were worth more than R120,000 during 2015;
  • The second is providing volunteer time, which exceeded 3,000 hours during 2015;
  • The third is to select an Award winner; and
  • The fourth is to train Award winners.

The Wright Brothers created the single greatest cultural force since the invention of writing. The airplane became the first World Wide Web, bringing people, languages, ideas, and values together. Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft Corporation

Wonders of Aviation Industry Activities

Wonders of Aviation and its Aviation Award Winners participate in the following aviation industry activities:

Wonders of Aviation Team Building Activities

Wonders of Aviation’s commitment to creating a community of professionals includes participation in both internal and industry activities. 

During 2016 the planned internal activities were: 

  • A day at Brits where all current and past Aviation Award recipients and their mentors participate in a day of soaring and education.

During 2016 the planned external aviation activities included: 

  • Co-hosting a booth at Mango Airlines’ Career Day with the Airlines Association of Southern Africa. Our staff will include mentors and past Aviation Award recipients. The Award winners will explain the range of employment options in aviation to guests. In addition, the mentors will introduce the Award winners to the numerous industry leaders at the event;
  • Participating in the Aero Club of South Africa’s Annual Awards Dinner. This event will provide us with a wonderful venue for announcing our 2017 Aviation Award recipients. These future leaders will join the many other Award winners at this event. Mentors and former Award winners will have an opportunity to meet numerous industry leaders, as well as the press that provides coverage of the event; and 
  • Attending the Airlines Association of Southern Africa's Annual General Assembly (AGA) being held in Swakomund, Nambia from 20 to 23 October 2016. Several of our leaders will attend this gathering of industry professionals. Namibia's Minister of Works and Transport, Alpheus !Naruseb is expected to deliver the opening address on the 21st October. South Africa's Public Enterprise Minister, Lynne Brown will also be in attendance... Read more...